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a tale of two projects… October 27, 2007

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i am generally a one-project knitter. i cast on, knit to completion, finish up and move on to something else. once in a while, i’ll knit up a quick project while i’m working on something bigger, but mostly i stick to just one thing at a time. i’m not sure if this is because i have limited knitting storage space, i tend to knit smaller items, i can’t stand having too many things going on at once, or some combination of the three. but anyway, this is the story of an exception to my general rule… the story of an unfinished object.

a while back, i was very excited to get a copy of jess hutch’s unusual toys for you to knit and enjoy (which is now out of print). of all the patterns in the booklet, i loved squarey best (go look at him, he’s adorable!). i didn’t know what yarn to use or anything like that, so he ended up on the back burner for quite a while. finally, i found the perfect yarn… lion brand’s new cotton-ease. i love cotton-ease… the colors are great and the yarn is really soft, if a little splitty. i cast on right away and got through his body pretty quickly. i even bought the pillow to stuff him with. but then i hit a road-block.


no matter how i tried, i just could not convince myself that his arms looked like arms (if you know what i mean). i knew that they would probably look better once they were attached, but i couldn’t get up the nerve to finish them and see. in frustration, i stuffed the parts i had done back in my stash tub and moved on to other projects.

a few months later:

after finishing up the embroidery school samples that i’ve posted about before, i decided to sew them up into a pillow. i got mom to help me with this one, since i needed to use her sewing machine. we sewed up all the pieces and i got ready to stuff it. at about this time, i found squarey’s pillow form in my closet, figured i’d never finish squarey, and used the pillow for my embroidery. the pillow looked good…


until i went to put it on my bed. squarey’s pillow form wasn’t a polyfil form like most, but rather one of those little squishy styrofoam bead pillows that are pretty popular now. turns out, this type of pillow didn’t really show off the embroidery very well. it always managed to look squished and contorted, like this:


or this:


which wasn’t very attractive at all. also, i realized that i didn’t want to put my face all over my embroidery work, so the pillow wasn’t very useful, either. on a whim, i decided to finish squarey (i needed the space in my yarn tub!) and either find a different pillow form or a picture frame for the embroidery. i still couldn’t bear using the arms, so i decided to just leave them off and make squarey just a pillow with a face.


not only do i think he turned out pretty cute, but he even looks sort of endearing when he’s all squished on my bed:


AND i don’t feel weird about laying my head on him and taking a nap. yay for stories with happy endings!

on a separate (but also very happy) note, look what i got in the mail earlier this week!


hannah sent me a whole gladware full of snickerdoodle cookies! they were SO yummy… let’s just say they didn’t last very long… ^^ if you don’t read hannah’s blog, you really should go check it out. she makes the most adorable toys and writes up cute stories to go along with them. also, she’s a really good vegan baker (as i can now tell you first-hand) and even has a book coming out soon. besides all that, she’s such a sweet girl!


9 Responses to “a tale of two projects…”

  1. abe-hap Says:

    Now dont you feel better after completing him :) and yes he is gosh darn cute!.

  2. Kelly Says:

    yummmm those cookies look goooooooooood.
    Squarey is super cute too!

  3. BitterSweet Says:

    Aww, thanks for the kind mention! And what incredible embroider you have there- I could never manage something so intricate and impressive! Plus, your squarey looks totally adorable. :)

  4. Missy Says:

    I love your little pillow, and my daughter is sitting here pointing at it saying pretty so we give it an A+ Great job! Your embroidery work looks awesome all together!

  5. Jason Says:

    Hahaha, I got a laugh out of the title cause I have 100 projects that are all 10% done. :-p

    Not knitting, mind you, but other things.

  6. Sophia Says:

    Squarey is adorable!!! You should definitely frame that gorgeous embroidery. Oh, those cookies are making me hungry…

  7. hakucho Says:

    I totally agree with you…your “squarey pillow” is perfect and I bet he looks so cute on top of you bed. Not so fru fru as your embroidered pillow…which is beautiful, but more of a dust collector!

    Very nice work!

    happy knitting :)

  8. Bansheegrrll Says:

    Yo, Squarey! Saw you mentioned on Magpie Girl, and I love the pillow . . .

  9. Suggestion (only if you’re still not happy with the finished product on the embroidery)…you ‘could’ frame it…then you would be able to display it without the sagging…just a suggestion, don’t kill me :-(

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