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busy. and wristwarmers. January 30, 2008

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i feel as though i haven’t posted in months. i was relieved to find that it has actually been under two weeks. classes have been incredibly busy recently and i haven’t had time to do much of anything. i apologize if i owe any of you emails or comments… i’ve been trying to keep up, but i seem to be in a constant rush, whether to get to class or get projects done or get to bed at a reasonable hour or any number of other things. my wrist has been acting up more than ever before, which hasn’t helped matters much. things will slow down again eventually, i’m sure. i just have to hang in there until then. ^^


things on the knitting front have been pretty slow, as you might imagine. i managed to finish a pair of wristwarmers for mom, but that’s about all. she wanted a pair because she read that wearing pulse warmers to bed keeps your whole body much warmer. i don’t know whether or not that’s true (i forgot to ask if she tried them out), but i was happy to oblige. she picked out the yarn from my stash and described the design she wanted. i used this pattern and a skein of cascade pima tencel. i liked the yarn… it was really soft. ^^ also, i’m optimistic that i will have a finished pair of socks by the end of the weekend, but i’m not so sure they’ll be anything great. at least they’ll finally be off the needles! i’m anxious to move on to something else, but i don’t know what that will be yet.


also, i have been slowly messing around with ravelry. i got my entire stash up in one fell swoop the day after i signed up (two weeks ago! i can’t believe it was so long ago!), but i’ve been much slower about getting my projects on there. i did get the projects up that i had on my photobucket and livejournal, so i finally deleted most everything from those accounts. yay! i haven’t started my queue yet or added any favorites or posted in any forums or… haha, if only i had more time! ^^


5 Responses to “busy. and wristwarmers.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    good to see your still kicking :)
    Take it easy on that wrist!!

  2. Missy Says:

    Love the wrist warmers, and can’t wait to see your socks. I hope that your wrist is feeling better soon, that’s really got to cut into the knitting time. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. hakucho Says:

    I need more time too…we have to find the secret of how to get more hours in the day ;) Your wrist warmers came out great. Your mom will love them I’m sure. Take care of your wrist, the knitting and blogging can wait. Hugs :)

  4. val Says:

    i take glucosamine in a tablet form – its really good for joints & pains / tendons etc, give it a try, I reckon in 2 weeks your wrist will be alot better – my shoulder joints are soo much better.

    Get the really stong strenght and the Herron brand if you have it over there – the tablets are expensive but so worth it.

    I also take seaweed kelp 1000 mg, Herron brand – this is great for aiding mobility by reducing joint inflamation, swelling and tenderness – that is associated with arthritis & reheumatism.

    p.s the wrist warmers are great & that wrist warmer pattern is the first pattern i used when i made myself a pair many moons ago – i got the pattern out of a Panda patterns learn to knit book ;)

  5. Sophia Says:

    Nice wristwarmers! I’m sorry to hear about your wrist, though; take it easy and feel better soon!

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