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you make my day! February 18, 2008

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because i am totally enamored with my new haircut (and thank you for all the lovely complements!), you get another picture before we begin today’s post. ^^


and now on to new and exciting things. LOL.


well, actually, i have to show you THE MOST adorable birthday present first. i just got it on saturday or i would have included it in the birthday themed post. i had no idea that my very best friend did any sewing, but apparently she does and look at how cuuuuute! ^___________^ it makes me grin every time i look at it (paola: just like the invisible dog, seriously).

the real purpose for this post is the “you make my day” award. i was given this one by hakucho and missy. i’m sure you all know that i am horrible about posting memes, but i’d like to say that i’m only fashionably late on this one. ^^ all of my internet/blog friends are so sweet and wonderful!

Hannah at bittersweet
Deb at hakucho
Jeanne at jeanne knits
also, have you seen this adorable chicken and egg pattern from mochmochi land?! i love chicks and duckies! i totally want the pattern, but the magazine is so expensive! i just have to find a way to justify the purchase. ^^

ah, the excitement! February 15, 2008

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i was going to skip over my 21st birthday on the blog entirely and just give a little mention at some point eventually, but so many exciting things happened…




i got a pretty major haircut…it’s a lot different than it was before, but i was ready for a change. i need a chop-off every once in a while. ^^




i had a super fun birthday party with my family and some friends from friend gave me an umbrella and told me i could open it in the house… when i did, $21 fell out! it was a really clever idea and i definitely got a kick out of it. i ended up with enough money to buy myself a new TV, since i managed to break the one i had here at the dorm. my first year in college, i didn’t have a TV and i don’t know how i survived, lol. BUT my biggest present was…





…A NEW CAR! this will be my very first car and i’m planning on getting my license pretty soon so i can drive it around. right now it’s sitting in the garage at home. ^^





also, i finished up a pair of socks last week and i haven’t knit much since. things have been pretty busy (and i’ve been trying not to strain my wrist too much). speaking of my wrist,the doctor gave me a new medication and we scheduled some other tests for when i’m home next month. i really hope something works. this is getting old! *sigh* ANYWAY, i hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s day!