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erm. happy valentine’s day! March 3, 2008

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but first. i think all of my friends are trying to fatten me up! look at the totally adorable cupcake hannah sent me for my birthday! it’s so cuuuute and tiny! add that to my piece of cake from last post… too bad i can’t eat them! ^^





i think this is officially the end of my birthday posts, but you just never know. now we can move on to valentine’s day, HAHA. just ignore the part where valentine’s was over two weeks ago, ok?




these were my valentine’s presents for my parents. i made a few others for friends, too. i just used random scraps i had leftover and hand-felted them (which was so much fun!). the pattern is here. everybody really seemed to like them.




these were from the boyfriend. it’s really sad when your posting is so far behind that the flowers are already dead and in the trash before i mention it on the blog. *sigh* but it’s ok! they were really gorgeous. ^^




my mom is totally into buying me clothes, especially cute pajamas and underwear. aren’t these cute?! they make me smile when i wear them to bed. the last pair she bought me were hello kitty. ^^


i’ve been working on a sock for almost three weeks now and i’m totally loving the yarn and pattern, but i think it’s going to be too small, even for me. i really don’t want to frog it because i’m over halfway through the first sock, but i don’t want to keep working on something that isn’t going to fit. i need some encouragement to rip it… !


10 Responses to “erm. happy valentine’s day!”

  1. krislinatin Says:

    Love the little hearts.
    my 2 cents from just catching your blog on tag surfer.
    dont frog the socks, give them to someone with smaller feet.
    Its good practice and someone will love a homemade gift!Kristina/fellow knitter

  2. Denise Says:

    urgh I hate ripping things out. Don’t you have someone you can gift them to? then you can keep knitting them! If not, you may just have to take the plunge and frog it :-(

  3. Missy Says:

    Just pull the needles out and rip… think of it as a stress reliever!!! LOL That cupcake looks yummy but probably wouldn’t taste that way. I love your little hearts. What a great idea. Your flowers were beautiful how nice of your man. Mine forgot!!! I love your PJ’s too. I could live in clothes like that.

  4. val Says:

    Rip it! – Rip it real good ;) you know you want too! they will haunt you forever otherwise – or give them to me :) Ive got little feet!

  5. Kelly Says:

    how cute is that cupcake.
    Your mum sounds like mine, she’s always picking up things she thinks i’ll like. She’s a good darn shopper I tell ya a good darn shopper :)

  6. hakucho Says:

    I have a hard time frogging something I’ve made, but sometimes you just have to. If you have enough yarn to make the socks bigger the next time…I think will be happier in the end :)

    I’m so glad you took pictures of your roses…they’re beautiful. Cute hearts, p’j’s and that cupcake looks good enough to eat :)

    happy knitting :)

  7. Jason Says:

    So you mention the underwear, but no pictures? ;-)

    Just kidding, just kidding. I don’t want you and the boyfriend to, you know, maim me.

  8. BitterSweet Says:

    Aw, what a lovely bouquet of flowers… I’m glad you have such a thoughtful boyfriend, because you absolutely deserve it!

  9. Hi, Ren!
    (If I didn’t tell you before, LOVE your new haircut!) Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the afghan squares…I’ll be lookin’ for them!
    Love your blog…now you’re starting to include more photos of YOU! (before it was your hand, or foot, or feet…hehehe).Thanks, again!
    aka: grammiepammie

  10. Sophia Says:

    Those hearts you made are too cute! The flowers from the bf are gorgeous, and those PJ’s are great! I agree with the idea of finding someone to gift the socks to.

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