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baby shower & a new technique March 24, 2008

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if you’re looking for a baby shower gift that will get you bunches of compliments, tulip toes are the way to go. i can’t believe how many oohs and aahs i got over them. i will admit that they were pretty fiddly to knit, though. and the ends to weave in… painful.




i really like the live tulips. : ) the picture was taken in the yard of the baby shower host (last minute finishing, yay!), so i don’t have any pictures of the booties open. sorry!


and! and! i knit my very first fair isle/stranded project! ^^




i know that the colors don’t really pop, but i’m pretty proud of this hat anyway. i was surprised at how easy it was to knit. is it a lot more complicated if you are knitting flat? i knit this hat up for a knitting drive that i’m participating in right now.


11 Responses to “baby shower & a new technique”

  1. Anniebananie Says:

    Ren that is gorgeous!!!! It is an amazing hat!!!!

  2. Jason Says:

    No smart-aleck comments today. Just wanted to say I like the tulips. Not the knitted ones, the real ones.

    Okay, I can’t go one comment without saying something smart-alecky, now can I? ;-)

    Nah, I really like both the real and knitted tulips.

  3. hakucho Says:

    Cute baby shoes and an awesome presentation- including the tulip toes in the bunch of tulips :)

    Great job on the stranded hand. It’s perfect :)

  4. Kelly Says:

    ohhh I am loving all these posts :)
    I’ve never seen tulip toes before so i’m gonna have to find them on ravelry.
    ACK you got to fair isle before me! Well done!!! Soon I may attempt it.

  5. Denise Says:

    I’ve seen those tulip toes before, they are so cute. And the hat, very sweet. Well done. Your strands looks very neat.

  6. Jeanne Says:

    Very cute – both the bouquet and the hat!

  7. DeDe Says:

    I love your knitting. I found your page when I was looking for help on the Bird In Hand (the cute little baby chick) from Family Circle Easy Toys. If you read this I was hoping you could email me with tips on how yours turned out so well. My cute little chick isn’t so “cute”. By the time I was done, it wasn’t possible to stuff it with fiberfill. The poor thing looked like it had been flattened by a mack truck!

  8. Missy Says:

    Those are so cute, and the hat is as well.

  9. Hanna Says:

    The hat looks great! Are you thinking of making booties too?

    I can’t really remember what modifications I made for worsted-weight Saartje’s booties … I think I reduced the number of stitches and rows a little, and I knit the yarn at a pretty tight gauge (it was worsted yarn of the squishy sort, similar to Cascade 220). They came out a little larger than the original pattern, but hopefully that’ll just mean they’ll stay useful longer

  10. BitterSweet Says:

    Aw, the tulips are lovely! Perfect for an early spring bouquet, huh? ;)

  11. Sophia Says:

    What pretty tulip toes! The fair-isle hat is beautiful as well :)

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