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studying April 25, 2008

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please note that this is only what you might call half true; my motivation has been seriously lacking. mostly i just wanted to show off the lovely tofu pincushion that i made into a photo holder. i think i defeated the purpose when i knit him out of wool, but i’m no vegetarian/vegan, so i suppose it’s ok.


hats, hats, hats! April 21, 2008

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hi everybody! school has been absolutely insane the past few weeks… i am lucky when i know what day it is and what classes i am supposed to go to! we have all these groups and we have to meet and everyone has different class schedules and things just get really crazy. it will be over in a week, though! yaaaay.


what is the best thing to do when things get crazy and there is hardly enough time to eat and sleep? why, knit of course!




this is the random collection of hats i knit for sublynnminal healing. i used up a lot of stash yarns and i think they actually came out pretty well. i’m too lazy to post all the details and pictures on here (sorry!), so you’ll have to check my ravelry if you’re interested in any of them.




however, look at how fabulous this one is! i think the little flower really makes the hat. *grin*