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the big reveal! September 12, 2008

Filed under: crafting — Ren @ 11:45 pm

the suspense is over! ^^ i know, you were waiting on the edge of your seat, right? i finished up the sewing project that i alluded to last week and i am very excited to show it off. i really think that it turned out well… there are only a few things here and there that i think could have been cleaner and better. it was my first project and i am very proud of it! i used the sew everything workshop book and pattern and i have nothing but good things to say about it. very clear and useful. my next project might be a pair of boxer-type shorts, unless i get sidetracked! i haven’t forgotten my knitting, either. i just have to do the final kitchener stitching on a sock and i’ll have another pair done. yay! but, without further ado, my bag!!




11 Responses to “the big reveal!”

  1. Vicki Says:

    It is so great!! I love the fabrics and you did an awesome job. Almost makes me want to pull out the sewing machine. Almost…

  2. Jason Says:

    In the first picture, is that an alien face? :-D

  3. Kelly Says:

    WOW!! Thats awesome!!! I can’t believe you made a massive stinkin bag as your first project amazing!!!
    Love the inside fabric, its perfect with the cord.
    Well done well done!!
    Now I’m really gonna have to give my machine a go!

  4. Denise Says:

    That looks so nice, great for holding a lot of knitting ;-)

  5. rhoda Says:

    ren, it looks fantastic!! you did an amazing job. :)

  6. Jeanne Says:

    That is so nice – wow!

  7. hakucho Says:

    Very nice bag! Great job with the lining :) I love it!

  8. Missy Says:

    I love your new bag and the print on the inside is way cool!

  9. val Says:

    ya know back in the 80’s as a kid i had a chocolate corduroy jacket ;) but i think your corduroy bag rocks!!

  10. BitterSweet Says:

    Oh, your bag looks great! The colorful lining is wonderful, and it seems like a perfect size, too.

  11. Very, VERY Cool! Now THAT’S a bag you can be really proud of! (loved the little pouch, too). The chocolate/aqua colors go so good together…once again, you ROCK!

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