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a home for my makeup brushes! October 3, 2008

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if you haven’t been able to tell, i have caught the sewing bug big-time. i love how quickly i can make cute stuff. don’t worry, i still love my knitting… i can’t really sew in front of the television! ^^ anyway, i decided to make a case for traveling with my makeup brushes. i was using this little bag that i had to shove the brushes in and all it did was annoy me and mess up the tops of the brushes. problem solved!



i really like how this turned out and how useful it will be for traveling. i’m not going to lie — it isn’t my best work ever. the sport nylon (ripstop) was really hard to work with and made things slide around a lot more. however, it makes the case more durable and involves less cleaning. i added a few extra spaces in case i get more brushes (you just never know!).



apparently, it’s that time again where everyone circulates memes. i got tagged by deb, missy, and rhoda. to be honest, i’m just going to lump the two awards together (don’t kill me!). the first award asks for seven people and the second asks for four, so i’m going to aim for eleven.


Here are the rules:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you (as shown above).
3) Nominate at least seven (four) other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.


ok, so we have:

  1. hannah at bittersweet
  2. kelly at celtic cast on
  3. jeanne at jeanne knits
  4. denise at the knitting den
  5. vicki at KU crafter
  6. sophia at yarn over manhattan
  7. pam at pammie’s place
  8. kelli at knitter bunny

and of course:

  1. deb at hakucho
  2. missy at missy’s knitting mess
  3. rhoda at left-handed knitting

whew! that sure is a lot of great blogs and blogging friends. i hope everyone has a great weekend!


10 Responses to “a home for my makeup brushes!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Sooo cute! Love the yellow and brown!
    Next you’ll be renaming your blog Ren Knits and Sews….. :)

  2. Missy Says:

    OOOH I really like that. Great idea!!! and Thank you!!!!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    So cute – what a great idea! And thank you!

  4. hakucho Says:

    I love your brush case…it’s perfect!I bet it feels so good to make something so useful :)

    Thanks for giving the award back to me ;)

  5. Kelli Says:

    Dude! I love your make-up brush roll-up.

  6. Very creative! Like a mini ‘knitting needle’ case-very interesting!
    Thanks (I think) for the meme??? (Never had that done before…hope I don’t mess it up!) I liked the idea from Kelly (above) suggesting you change your blog to Ren Knits AND SEWS! but then, it might get a little long if you put all of your talents in the title: “Ren Knits AND Sews AND Acts AND loves crafts, Easter egg dying, etc….” (you get the point!)

  7. Denise Says:

    Hi there, thanks for the award :-) What a great way to start my Monday.
    Love your little brush case. I have a new sewing machine and just can’t find the time to get it out and play!!

  8. Vicki Says:

    Cute a practical. I have all my brushes in a makeup bag and am always digging to find the one I want. You should sell those!

    And thanks so much for the award! Nice to know there is someone out there still reading my blog :)

  9. rhoda Says:

    well, check you out! soon you’ll be making dpn needle holders and you’ll have your own etsy shop. :) the makeup case is great! :) thanks for the award!

  10. BitterSweet Says:

    Aw, thank you so much for tagging me! I’m sorry I hadn’t even gotten around to checking it out until now, but I do appreciate it a lot! :)

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