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fall break! October 22, 2008

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i can hardly believe that it has been two weeks since i last posted! i was super busy in the last few weeks, studying for and then taking my final exams, mostly. after the exams were finished on (last) wednesday, i got to come home for a week and a half break. and here i am. it’s sad to think that i have to go back to school in only a few days. *sigh* but anyway!



first things first, i got to see the yarn harlot last week here in jacksonville. she was hilarous and my mom (a non-knitter) thought she was great, too. we also both won door prizes, so i got yummy new yarn. in the picture, i even got to hold her sock and she is wearing her gorgeous ‘hey, teach’. if you look on her most recent blog post, in the fourth picture down, far left, in the back, and then if you kind of squint, you can see us. i have no idea why anyone except me would want to do that, though. ^^



i finished up my contributions to kristi’s tessalating fish blanket. i used up a bunch of scraps and it was really a lot of fun. i have this feeling that these fishies are going to be smaller than most, but i can’t really help it that i’m a tight knitter, now can i? i can’t wait to see them as part of the blanket!



i have also been busy on the sewing machine. i found the cute box bag pattern here. as you can see, it is just large enough for a sock project. but don’t mention the sock project — it is not getting anywhere quickly. as a sidenote, if you are in my pay-it-forward group (you know who you are), your gifties should be ready soon. the placement of this comment may give you a hint about what your gift will be. perhaps.


7 Responses to “fall break!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Gosh where to start! Ok…
    1. umm you and the harlot totally have the same hair! Hair twins :)
    2. I can’t believe you just *whipped* up a box bag! Thats exactly what I was TRYING to make……. ahem….. didn’t work out so well! Love it love it!!!
    3. You need to come to the ridge pronto and teach me how to use this dang machine!!! I wanna box bag too!!!

  2. Missy Says:

    I really love your bag, and can’t wait to see how the sock inside of it turns out. Your fishies are really cute as well.

  3. hakucho Says:

    Lucky you getting to meet Stephanie and get a photo too :)

    Love those fishies. They are fun to knit.

    You bag is awesome…you are becoming quite the professional seamstress :)

    Enjoy what’s left of your break!!

  4. rhoda Says:

    the box bag is great! love the fishies–hopefully they’ll be about the same size as everyone else’s.

  5. Denise Says:

    What a great picture of you and YH :-) Love that little bag you made for your socks. Fishies are so cute too.

  6. BitterSweet Says:

    Adorable fishy quilt!

    And I am still in LOVE with that fabric. I would totally swap you something for a bag like that… ;)

  7. Vicki Says:

    OMG thank you so much!!! I absolutely adore them! Perfect colors for me. Yayayay :)

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