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pay-it-forward: finished November 10, 2008

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not too much has been happening in the last few weeks since i posted. my hands were hurting there for a while, so i was trying to relax and let them rest for a bit. i think it worked because i’ve been knitting again. ^^ i haven’t completed anything exciting (more dischloths! lol), but there is some knitting i’m super excited about coming up soon. yay!




i got my pay-it-forward goodies done a few weeks ago and sent them out to their recipients. the bags were all a little bit different (which made things more fun for me!). also, one bag had the smaller bag with it and the other bags had soaps. even though i enjoyed the pif, i’m glad to be finished with it. i’m well within the one year time limit, too. ^^


5 Responses to “pay-it-forward: finished”

  1. rhoda Says:

    the pay-it-forward goodies you made are darling! Love the flowery fabric you used.

  2. Jeanne Says:

    Great bags! Love the fabrics…

  3. hakucho Says:

    Awesome bags….and I’m very happy to hear that you are knitting again :)

  4. Denise Says:

    They look really nice. The recipients will be well pleased I’m sure.

  5. RachelH Says:

    The are so super cute! I’m sorry your hands were hurting. Sorry I haven’t been by in awhile. i wish you were closer and you could teach me to sew properly. :0)

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