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spencer! December 1, 2008

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i’m afraid that if i don’t hurry up and post, kelly might just burst. a few months back, kelly knit up anne elliot spencer by canarysanctuary (rav). unfortunately, when she tried it on, it was too small. she had basically completed it, minus sleeves and buttons. as you can imagine, she was quite frustrated (i won’t link to her angry post about it! ^^). to make a long story short, she sent spencer off to me and it fit me PERFECTLY. yay! but, i kid you not, every single part of that shrug created problems for me. i think the thing is cursed, seriously. for instance, because kelly used a different yarn, there was a LOT of extra fabric around the armpits, so i had to sew in the sleeves while folding under some of the fabric… then i had to machine sew the excess and cut it off! i sure hope the edges don’t unravel, but i stitched over each part 4 or 5 times, so¬† i think it should be fine. now it is finally done and it looks great. ^^



i have a few other things to post about, but i have to get to work on school projects. hopefully i’ll have time to post again soon!