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back to school (again) January 9, 2009

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this was my first week back to school… oh how i wish Christmas break lasted longer! things are insane around here because our gators just won the bcs championship. everyone is honking and screaming as they go by… what a commotion! it’s a good thing that i’m not trying to sleep yet!! : )





i just got the pictures from the kevat shawl (rav link) that i knit my mom for Christmas with lorna’s laces shepherd worsted. i think that this is one of my  favorite knits. i’ve never knit a lace shawl like that before. i know the pattern isn’t terribly complicated, but i think it looks really good! mom loved it and wears it to church because it is COLD in the pew we sit in. blocking it was crazy, too — that was another new experience!



this is the lunchbox that i started out with for my dad. i got it free at the southern women’s show. i asked dad if he would want it and he said, “but it’s pink.” i asked, “well, if it wasn’t pink?” he replied, “but it is pink.” as though that couldn’t be changed?



this is what i ended up with after i recovered the whole thing. the fabric has different travel destinations on it (like paris and  new york) and the pocket is globes. turns out that he really liked it once it was a different color. go figure!


anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend! thanks so much for your concern about the surgery i had. i really appreciate that!


7 Responses to “back to school (again)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    hey isn’t this your last sememster ever????
    The shawl is great, glad your mum is enjoying it.
    I can’t believe the cool this you do girl, that lunch box looks great. I would have replied the same thing your dad did… but its pink……

  2. Jeanne Says:

    The shawl is gorgeous! Cute lunch bag – very clever that you recovered it…

  3. BitterSweet Says:

    Such a beautiful shawl! It’s truly a treasure, Ren. :)

  4. Missy Says:

    oooh I love the shawl. I’ve never had the guts to try lace. Your lunch box is really cool. What a great idea.

  5. rhoda Says:

    your mom and dad are so lucky to have such a crafty daughter! the shawl looks wonderful and the lunchbox looks awesome! :)

  6. hakucho Says:

    Wow awesome remake of the lunch bag…you are quite the seamstress :) Love the shawl you made for your mother. I can see why she loves it…I know I would :)

    happy new year :)

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