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birthday time again! February 9, 2009

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today is my 22nd birthday! i had a nice, small birthday dinner on saturday when i was at home. corned beef & corn souffle (and vegetables i didn’t eat) and then cake & ice cream. yummy! we played some scattergories and had a generally good time. ^^ one of my favorite presents was a set of pearl earrings from my parents. i picked them out and i think they are just fabulous:



other than that, things have been really uneventful here. i haven’t posted in a month because i’ve had nothing at all to say. there hasn’t been any interesting knitting or crafting being done. the sum total of my knitting over january was sixteen blanket squares for the ghana project. super easy and i used up my acrylic stash.



i’m now working on a pair of socks and i’m about to kitchener the first one, so perhaps i’ll have a pair sometime soon. i tried to start a few toys, but got really frustrated and quit before i got very far. i think that’s one reason why i worked on super-easy squares for a while. i’ve had some trouble with my wrist again, so i’ve been trying to take it easy for that reason, too. i hope that everyone has a great week!!! ^^


11 Responses to “birthday time again!”

  1. melissa Says:

    happy birthday! hope you’re having an enjoyable day!
    the earrings are beautiful.

  2. Jason Says:

    Happy birthday! I can never seem to remember when your birthday is. It’s three days after my oldest niece, I need to remember that somehow.

    I had a feeling it was in February, though! So the CD doubles as a birthday present! Whoo hoo! See how thoughtful I was. ;-)

    Enjoy being old for the next three months. Then I turn 22, and I refuse to be called old. So you will revert to being young. :-)

  3. Denise Says:

    Well happy birthday, you look fabulous, and your earrings are gorgeous :-)

  4. val Says:

    Happy Birthday REN!! :)

  5. celticcaston Says:

    Happy Birthday girl!!!
    Your earrings look great!!
    Hope your taking it easy on your wrist, you should really try yoga, ever since I started my wrist hasn’t hurt!

  6. Kelli Says:

    Happy (late) birthday.

  7. hakucho Says:

    Happy belated birthday!! Love your pearl earrings.

    I really like making squares…they are good to do now and then…mindless knitting, but good :)

    Take good care of your wrist!!

  8. Jeanne Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Love the earrings…

  9. BitterSweet Says:

    Happy belated birthday, Ren!! Hope it was wonderful!

  10. Missy Says:

    Happy belated birthday! I can’t wait to see your socks! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. rhoda Says:

    happy belated birthday! the earrings are pretty. :)

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