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time flies March 21, 2009

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so, apparently it has been over a month since my last post. i’m not sure how to account for this, especially since i intended to post quite a few times. i spent the end of february finishing up my first module classes, the beginning of march relaxing during  spring break, and now i’m bogged down with schoolwork in my second module classes. i certainly didn’t think i would have to work this hard on my last few classes, but apparently my professors have other ideas about that. however, there are only six more weeks until i am officially graduated, so i certainly hope i can survive! ^^




these are my ampersand socks (rav). i was worried that i wouldn’t have enough yarn (because i used a 50g skein), so i did the heels and toes in the solid color. i REALLY needn’t have worried because i think i have almost a half skein of the variegated yarn left over. i don’t prefer knitting toe-up socks (i don’t like how the cast-off looks), but i might next time because i can’t stand having so much leftover yarn.




one of my cousins had a baby this week and this is the hat i sent her (rav). i love that she had a girl… it’s so much more fun to knit girly hats, in my opinion. ^^


i also just finished up another dishcloth. i have no idea why i love making dishcloths so much… i suppose it’s because they are so easy. i need to find more people to gift them to!! i’m working on a set of wrist warmers, too, so i hope that i’ll post again before too long.


6 Responses to “time flies”

  1. Jeanne Says:

    The socks are beautiful! I’ll have to check out that pattern – and I think the solid toes and heels really make them nice.

    Love the hat – too cute!

    Good luck with your classes…

  2. Missy Says:

    Your socks and hat are beautiful. Graduation’s just around the corner??? I bet that’s exciting.

  3. Jason Says:

    Graduation! We’re almost there!

  4. WooHoo! Look at those socks! I’m VERY impressed! (just checked out 2 books from the library on knitting ‘easy’ socks…never knit socks before and they totally terrify me!). Yours look VERY nice and the solid colors blend perfectly.
    So close to graduation…I’ll bet you’re tired, but think of the elation when it’s finally over!!!
    You GO GIRL!!!

  5. rhoda Says:

    the socks look great and so does the hat! you’re almost a college grad…:)

  6. hakucho Says:

    It’s hard to believe you are almost done with college. My son is so ready to be done, too….time sure flies :)

    Your socks are wonderful!! Love the yarn and pattern. Yes, toe-ups make it much easier to know how far your yarn will go instead of guessing :)

    Your baby hat is soooooo cute. Must have been fun to knit as well.

    Take care and “enjoy” what’s left of school!

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