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happy (belated) Easter! April 14, 2009

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i hope everyone had a happy Easter! i know i did, at home with my family.  (uh, yes, i took that picture today, and yes, the dove solid chocolate bunny is still wrapped up. let’s see how long that lasts…)




i love my little bunny nugget! (rav) i intended to make it for my mom for Easter, but i just finished it up today, two days late. i intend to give it to her when i go home in a few weeks, but i may like it too much to give away. LOL ^^


i’ve been super busy with school (and still am). it’s just two weeks until my last final exam and a little under three until i graduate, so hopefully i’ll have time for a longer post soon!


7 Responses to “happy (belated) Easter!”

  1. hakucho Says:

    Your knitted bunny is adorable!!! You certainly have good will power :)

    Good luck studying for your Exams :)

  2. Nora Says:

    Happy [belated] Easter to you too.

    Good luck with your exams – you’ll be able to breathe a little easier when it’s all over. :)

  3. Jason Says:

    Happy Easter! And yes, graduation soon! One more month for me! :-)

  4. BitterSweet Says:

    Happy belated Easter to you too, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! You little knit peep bunny is just too cute. :)

  5. Missy Says:

    Your bunny is so cute!!! Did you eat your chocolate yet? It wouldn’t last 5 minutes in my house.

  6. rhoda Says:

    that bunny is darling! good luck on your final exams. you’re in the final stretch!!

  7. doozysype Says:

    Cool story, I did not thought reading this would be so amazing when I read the title with link!

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