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birthday time again! February 9, 2009

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today is my 22nd birthday! i had a nice, small birthday dinner on saturday when i was at home. corned beef & corn souffle (and vegetables i didn’t eat) and then cake & ice cream. yummy! we played some scattergories and had a generally good time. ^^ one of my favorite presents was a set of pearl earrings from my parents. i picked them out and i think they are just fabulous:



other than that, things have been really uneventful here. i haven’t posted in a month because i’ve had nothing at all to say. there hasn’t been any interesting knitting or crafting being done. the sum total of my knitting over january was sixteen blanket squares for the ghana project. super easy and i used up my acrylic stash.



i’m now working on a pair of socks and i’m about to kitchener the first one, so perhaps i’ll have a pair sometime soon. i tried to start a few toys, but got really frustrated and quit before i got very far. i think that’s one reason why i worked on super-easy squares for a while. i’ve had some trouble with my wrist again, so i’ve been trying to take it easy for that reason, too. i hope that everyone has a great week!!! ^^


back to school (again) January 9, 2009

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this was my first week back to school… oh how i wish Christmas break lasted longer! things are insane around here because our gators just won the bcs championship. everyone is honking and screaming as they go by… what a commotion! it’s a good thing that i’m not trying to sleep yet!! : )





i just got the pictures from the kevat shawl (rav link) that i knit my mom for Christmas with lorna’s laces shepherd worsted. i think that this is one of my  favorite knits. i’ve never knit a lace shawl like that before. i know the pattern isn’t terribly complicated, but i think it looks really good! mom loved it and wears it to church because it is COLD in the pew we sit in. blocking it was crazy, too — that was another new experience!



this is the lunchbox that i started out with for my dad. i got it free at the southern women’s show. i asked dad if he would want it and he said, “but it’s pink.” i asked, “well, if it wasn’t pink?” he replied, “but it is pink.” as though that couldn’t be changed?



this is what i ended up with after i recovered the whole thing. the fabric has different travel destinations on it (like paris and  new york) and the pocket is globes. turns out that he really liked it once it was a different color. go figure!


anyway, i hope everyone has a great weekend! thanks so much for your concern about the surgery i had. i really appreciate that!


boxers!! September 23, 2008

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so, i was reading the yarn harlot‘s blog the other day as she was announcing her new book tour, muttering to myself that nothing ever comes to florida, most especially not my part of the state, when i scroll down and behold that the yarn harlot is coming to jacksonville (my hometown). not only is she coming, but she is coming when i am already scheduled to be at home. how very exciting!! i am already looking forward to that visit home… what yummy icing on the cake!


i am going to preface these pictures by saying that i took them at 2am on the night i finished the boxers. i intended to take better pictures during the daytime, but i couldn’t figure out how to take good ones without having a second person around. my camera has a terrible self-timer.  so anyway, this is what you get. ^^



i absolutely fell in love with this cloth at the fabric store. i still have a little bit left, so i am sure that you’ll be seeing it around again. i promise that the boxers aren’t as tight as they look… the elastic is especially stretchy and doesn’t cut into me at all (even though it looks like it’s for a little kid!). the pattern for these was also in the sew everything workshop, except i cut the first five inches or so off the top to make them much more fitted and suited to me. *squeals* i really like these! i went shopping for a lime green cami to wear with them and it took me foreeeever to finally find one. i did, though, and that’s the important part! ^^


i am currently sidetracked from the socks i mentioned last post because i started working on a prayer shawl for my grandma (the sister of my great-aunt). the problem here is that i will most likely be seeing her this weekend for my great-aunt’s funeral (she died yesterday). i don’t know if it is even possible for me to knit a prayer shawl that quickly; i suppose i will just have to wait and see. i really dislike going to funerals (but then, who doesn’t?).


oh, fay! August 25, 2008

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ah, the things that have happened since i posted two weeks ago. i had a relaxing last few weeks of summer. mom and i made plans to get back to campus last wednesday and visit my grandparents on the way, but we got held up by tropical storm fay. then we thought maybe we could go back on friday, but fay decided to slow down to about 6mph and stall us another day. she also knocked out our power for a full day and sent us bailing standing water out of our side yard to keep it from overflowing into our house. thank God the rain let up soon after that and the water did not harm our house or belongings. i made it back to campus on saturday, but we didn’t have the time to visit my grandparents. classes started today. *sigh*



this picture was taken from my window. it is our little cul-de-sac after the sewers overflowed. it’s pretty hard to tell how much water that is, but my neighbor is standing in at least ankle-deep water and the yards and driveways are underwater pretty far in. at least it is over now! ^^


in other, more knitting-related news, i finished off the elbow patches that hakucho suggested way back on sweater day. i used the elbow patches in domiknitrix as a jumping-off point and worked the patches from there. i am excited that i can wear my favorite sweater again!



i hope that everyone is having a great week and please keep missy and her family in your thoughts & prayers as they have just suffered another loss in their family.


“She’s lost again!” August 8, 2008

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when you don’t post for a while, you end up with quite a few things to say when you finally write. lol. probably the biggest news is that my internship is over and i got a job offer. yaaay!!! you guys will laugh, but it was a very interesting experience to have a full-time job like that. hopefully it is something that i will “like.”


second piece of exciting news: i bought a sewing machine! it isn’t a very exciting model, but it is my first machine and i’m not sure how much i will use it or how much i will want to learn, so i wasn’t really ready to go all out. i haven’t even threaded it yet! ^^



also, i have been knitting dishcloths (what else is new?). i made two more ballbands and one four-corners dishcloth. i think they turned out well and they were what i needed while i was working and tired. i don’t know how you guys make such pretties after long days at work.



i have finally moved on to a pair of socks, though! it took me three tries to start, but now i’m enjoying working on them. i hope everyone is having a great summer and i hope my next post isn’t too far off! ^^


Sweater Day! March 20, 2008

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today (thursday) marks what would have been Fred Rogers’ 80th birthday. the non-profit that he founded ( put together “won’t you be my neighbor?” days in conjunction with pittsburgh’s 250th anniverary. i have nothing to do with pittsburgh (i’ve never even been there!), but i stumbled across the sweater day group on ravelry and thought i’d have a little bit of fun with it. ^^


i loooved mr. rogers’ neighborhood when i was a kid. even seeing it now that i am older, i am amazed at how calming and kind he was and to this day i remember the episode where he went to the crayon factory. i can’t even remember most of the other series i watched when i was small, so i think that’s saying something.




this is the little mini-sweater i knit for the occasion alongside my very favorite sweater. i love this sweater to pieces, as i have from the very first day we bought it. that year, i had three other sweaters fall apart in the first weeks i owned them due to low-quality workmanship (we were able to return them, luckily). i had seen this sweater in the store window and wanted it, but at $40 it was more than we were willing to pay. after the returning fiasco, mom let me get the sweater, anyway, since we were ready to be done with the hassle. it has sleeves that cover my knuckles, with thumbholes built right in! that’s probably my very favorite part.




the sad thing is that i wore it so much, for so long, that i nearly wore a hole through the left elbow (i’m right-handed, so i was always propping myself up on my left elbow). ever since i noticed how thin it was there, i have been too scared to wear it. i don’t want it to fall apart! *sigh* all good things must come to an end, i suppose.




here is a close-up of the mini-sweater. i want to make the little hanger in the pattern so the sweater can double as my first Christmas knit of the year. yay for a little head-start. ^^ the pattern for the sweater is here and its ravelry page is here. (and thanks, kelly!)


ok, i think i can be done with my silly little tribute now! ^^


one more new thing. and a tree. March 13, 2008

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for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that my recent posts are all new this and new that. new haircut, new car, new pajamas, etc. i have one more thing to add to that stack. see if you can guess from the picture (it’s easy, really).




yup, it was time to get new glasses. i’m really liking this pair… very sophisticated and trendy. the inside is teal, which is also pretty cool.


this week is my spring break away from school… it is almost over already. i’d love to say that my recent time off has been lovely and relaxing, but that isn’t really the case. i’ve spent waaay too much time at the doctor and having tests and junk like that. i’m not going to go into any more detail here on the blog (though i’d tell if you asked), except to say that i am finally diagnosed on the wrist issue and i’m on medication that will hopefully remedy the problem. yay!






this is treeling. he is from softies. i changed his face somewhat, which i think makes him quite a bit cuter. i justified making him by giving him away to a friend when he was finished. she liked him, too (i think!). he was my first experience with craft safety eyes and i think i really liked those, too. too bad the smallest ones i could find at the local craft stores were 10mm, which seems too big for most of the projects i do.



i have some actual knitting content, but i haven’t taken pictures of it yet. be looking for some kool-aid dyed yarn, a set of potholders, tulip toes, and my first trip to a LYS in my next post (whenever that might be). ^^