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birthday time again! February 9, 2009

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today is my 22nd birthday! i had a nice, small birthday dinner on saturday when i was at home. corned beef & corn souffle (and vegetables i didn’t eat) and then cake & ice cream. yummy! we played some scattergories and had a generally good time. ^^ one of my favorite presents was a set of pearl earrings from my parents. i picked them out and i think they are just fabulous:



other than that, things have been really uneventful here. i haven’t posted in a month because i’ve had nothing at all to say. there hasn’t been any interesting knitting or crafting being done. the sum total of my knitting over january was sixteen blanket squares for the ghana project. super easy and i used up my acrylic stash.



i’m now working on a pair of socks and i’m about to kitchener the first one, so perhaps i’ll have a pair sometime soon. i tried to start a few toys, but got really frustrated and quit before i got very far. i think that’s one reason why i worked on super-easy squares for a while. i’ve had some trouble with my wrist again, so i’ve been trying to take it easy for that reason, too. i hope that everyone has a great week!!! ^^


december?! January 1, 2009

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where the heck did december go? i meant to post three or four times, but got sidetracked doing other things. the month went something like this: knitting, Christmas knitting, final exams, doctors visits, neck surgery, Christmas, visit to the grandparents, time with the boyfriend, happy new year. i seriously can’t believe that i go back to school after a three-week break on sunday. i went to doctors/hospitals ten times in the last two and a half weeks, which is draining, to say the least, but my surgery went really well and my neck is healing up nicely. i almost have my full range of motion back, too. on the knitting front, i finished two projects before starting Christmas knitting, one big project for my mom (i haven’t taken pictures yet), stockings for the local nursing home, and two sets of notecards. i  sewed up a lunchbox for my dad, too, but i think i’ll leave that for next time. also, i got a ball winder for Christmas! it was lots of fun to wind up a few yarns. ^^




these socks are finally finished! i really liked the yarn and i really liked the pattern, but i had major trouble following through with the second sock. they are the harris tweed socks (rav) knit on size 2 needles with mary jane’s attic superwash given to me by rhoda a while back. i love how bright these socks are and i want to use the rest of this yarn for wristwarmers or something. ^^




i’m pretty excited about this scarf. it’s a my-so-called-scarf (rav) in misti pima cotton/silk. i know scarves are better in wool, but every single wool i’ve tried has itched my neck (yes, even malabrigo). i need to wash this before i can wear it, but i’m sure hoping the cotton is better on my neck.



these are the stockings that i made for local nursing home residents this year. the total cost for the project was $1, since i already had nearly all the materials! dad distributed them and said everybody loved them. the project took a while to complete, but it was fun to do and totally worth it. ^^




these are made using a technique called quilling. i used the tutorial found here at reese dixon. these took me about an hour a piece to complete. they look cooler in person than in the pictures because you can’t really see the glitter here. i made them for a friend who really liked them. ^^




i used the mochimochi land heart pattern (rav) to make these heart notecards. i made a set in the spring and they were well-received, so i thought that i’d try again. this time, i used interfacing on the undersides of the hearts so that they stayed flat while i sewed them on the card. that made things SO much easier. i think i might like these even better than the originals… ^^ grandma didn’t even realize they were handmade.


sorry for such a long post!!!! i had so much to show before i forgot. happy new year!!!


fall break! October 22, 2008

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i can hardly believe that it has been two weeks since i last posted! i was super busy in the last few weeks, studying for and then taking my final exams, mostly. after the exams were finished on (last) wednesday, i got to come home for a week and a half break. and here i am. it’s sad to think that i have to go back to school in only a few days. *sigh* but anyway!



first things first, i got to see the yarn harlot last week here in jacksonville. she was hilarous and my mom (a non-knitter) thought she was great, too. we also both won door prizes, so i got yummy new yarn. in the picture, i even got to hold her sock and she is wearing her gorgeous ‘hey, teach’. if you look on her most recent blog post, in the fourth picture down, far left, in the back, and then if you kind of squint, you can see us. i have no idea why anyone except me would want to do that, though. ^^



i finished up my contributions to kristi’s tessalating fish blanket. i used up a bunch of scraps and it was really a lot of fun. i have this feeling that these fishies are going to be smaller than most, but i can’t really help it that i’m a tight knitter, now can i? i can’t wait to see them as part of the blanket!



i have also been busy on the sewing machine. i found the cute box bag pattern here. as you can see, it is just large enough for a sock project. but don’t mention the sock project — it is not getting anywhere quickly. as a sidenote, if you are in my pay-it-forward group (you know who you are), your gifties should be ready soon. the placement of this comment may give you a hint about what your gift will be. perhaps.


one more new thing. and a tree. March 13, 2008

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for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that my recent posts are all new this and new that. new haircut, new car, new pajamas, etc. i have one more thing to add to that stack. see if you can guess from the picture (it’s easy, really).




yup, it was time to get new glasses. i’m really liking this pair… very sophisticated and trendy. the inside is teal, which is also pretty cool.


this week is my spring break away from school… it is almost over already. i’d love to say that my recent time off has been lovely and relaxing, but that isn’t really the case. i’ve spent waaay too much time at the doctor and having tests and junk like that. i’m not going to go into any more detail here on the blog (though i’d tell if you asked), except to say that i am finally diagnosed on the wrist issue and i’m on medication that will hopefully remedy the problem. yay!






this is treeling. he is from softies. i changed his face somewhat, which i think makes him quite a bit cuter. i justified making him by giving him away to a friend when he was finished. she liked him, too (i think!). he was my first experience with craft safety eyes and i think i really liked those, too. too bad the smallest ones i could find at the local craft stores were 10mm, which seems too big for most of the projects i do.



i have some actual knitting content, but i haven’t taken pictures of it yet. be looking for some kool-aid dyed yarn, a set of potholders, tulip toes, and my first trip to a LYS in my next post (whenever that might be). ^^


you make my day! February 18, 2008

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because i am totally enamored with my new haircut (and thank you for all the lovely complements!), you get another picture before we begin today’s post. ^^


and now on to new and exciting things. LOL.


well, actually, i have to show you THE MOST adorable birthday present first. i just got it on saturday or i would have included it in the birthday themed post. i had no idea that my very best friend did any sewing, but apparently she does and look at how cuuuuute! ^___________^ it makes me grin every time i look at it (paola: just like the invisible dog, seriously).

the real purpose for this post is the “you make my day” award. i was given this one by hakucho and missy. i’m sure you all know that i am horrible about posting memes, but i’d like to say that i’m only fashionably late on this one. ^^ all of my internet/blog friends are so sweet and wonderful!

Hannah at bittersweet
Deb at hakucho
Jeanne at jeanne knits
also, have you seen this adorable chicken and egg pattern from mochmochi land?! i love chicks and duckies! i totally want the pattern, but the magazine is so expensive! i just have to find a way to justify the purchase. ^^

ah, the excitement! February 15, 2008

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i was going to skip over my 21st birthday on the blog entirely and just give a little mention at some point eventually, but so many exciting things happened…




i got a pretty major haircut…it’s a lot different than it was before, but i was ready for a change. i need a chop-off every once in a while. ^^




i had a super fun birthday party with my family and some friends from friend gave me an umbrella and told me i could open it in the house… when i did, $21 fell out! it was a really clever idea and i definitely got a kick out of it. i ended up with enough money to buy myself a new TV, since i managed to break the one i had here at the dorm. my first year in college, i didn’t have a TV and i don’t know how i survived, lol. BUT my biggest present was…





…A NEW CAR! this will be my very first car and i’m planning on getting my license pretty soon so i can drive it around. right now it’s sitting in the garage at home. ^^





also, i finished up a pair of socks last week and i haven’t knit much since. things have been pretty busy (and i’ve been trying not to strain my wrist too much). speaking of my wrist,the doctor gave me a new medication and we scheduled some other tests for when i’m home next month. i really hope something works. this is getting old! *sigh* ANYWAY, i hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s day!


cotton… April 5, 2007

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so, last week when i finished my socks, (which, by the way, i happen to be wearing today and they’re great ^^) i looked for something new to knit and was almost instantly frightened by the amount of dishcloth cotton in my stash. now, i know that i don’t really have that much, but it bothers me just the same. it was time for some cotton stash reduction. i’m doing fairly well, if i do say so myself.

a few mason-dixon bibs (that still need buttons) and a last-minute knitted gifts hat for a cousin who’s having a baby boy in july. i’m kind of enjoying the bibs… right now, i’m working on a girly one (i’m sure i can find a baby for it!) and i’ve got ideas for more, too.

here we have a mason-dixon burp cloth that i made to put on top of my microwave. it’s my drying rack, of sorts, as you can tell from the second picture. i can’t help it that i have no kitchen! i really like how it turned out, from the colors to the size, etc. i think i cast on 55 stitches (10 inches wide) and worked for 17 or 18 inches.
i haven’t been neglecting other projects during my little cotton de-stash, though.

i finally needle-felted and sewed in the zipper of my second camera case. i was pretty excited that i put in the zipper myself on this one. i don’t think it looks too terrible, either. ^^
oh, a few other things. we’re going to my grandparents’ house (in the tampa area) for Easter, which hopefully won’t be too eventful, but rather relaxing and fun. school is pretty blah at the moment and i’m basically counting down the weeks until summer. i joined a charity blanket project over here, which should be pretty fun. the reason i got the yarn for the socks in the last post for $1.50 is because it was on double clearance at garden ridge over the summer… i got some really good steals. our gator basketball team won the national champtionship on monday (two in a row, whoo). ok, that paragraph was random. sorry, but i’m in a bit of a hurry. management exam tonight! O_O