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graduation! and such May 24, 2009

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in the month or so since i posted:


1. i graduated college



2. i left gainesville and moved back home



3. i went on a cruise (to the bahamas — nassau and freeport)



4. can you guess what else i did based on the pictures? (yes, i got a haircut. ^^)


5. i have been knitting, but only a little bit. i knit a few dishcloths and i’m working (slowly) on some socks.


you make my day! February 18, 2008

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because i am totally enamored with my new haircut (and thank you for all the lovely complements!), you get another picture before we begin today’s post. ^^


and now on to new and exciting things. LOL.


well, actually, i have to show you THE MOST adorable birthday present first. i just got it on saturday or i would have included it in the birthday themed post. i had no idea that my very best friend did any sewing, but apparently she does and look at how cuuuuute! ^___________^ it makes me grin every time i look at it (paola: just like the invisible dog, seriously).

the real purpose for this post is the “you make my day” award. i was given this one by hakucho and missy. i’m sure you all know that i am horrible about posting memes, but i’d like to say that i’m only fashionably late on this one. ^^ all of my internet/blog friends are so sweet and wonderful!

Hannah at bittersweet
Deb at hakucho
Jeanne at jeanne knits
also, have you seen this adorable chicken and egg pattern from mochmochi land?! i love chicks and duckies! i totally want the pattern, but the magazine is so expensive! i just have to find a way to justify the purchase. ^^

i’ve moved!! July 15, 2007

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yay! i finally decided to move over here to wordpress! thanks for suggesting it, kelli!


cold and studying December 8, 2006

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while i know that some of you live in places that are actually cold, (like ohio, massachusetts, canada, etc) i am going to complain about the weather here in florida. please excuse me. i have never lived anywhere genuinely cold. i have never lived outside of florida. heck, i’ve never really even seen snow. as such, this weather is quite cold. this morning, i had class at 11:45 and it was still 43 (which supposedly felt like 35). i wasn’t going to take chances, i bundled up. i had tennis shoes (that’s when you know it’s cold; some people here wear flip-flops all year round), knee-length socks, pants, a long sleeve shirt, sweater, blazer, scarf (cotton candy pink ^^), and mittens. i should have worn a hat, but i have no hat. how do i have no hats, really? tomorrow i’m wearing the jayne hat, who cares if it’s terribly mismatched and a christmas present! my intact ears are worth more than my image (that is, assuming i had an image). so, i was pretty warm.

BUT THEN i come back from class and i have an email from my veggie professor. tonight there is supposed to be a hard freeze. the tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and peppers probably will not survive. come get your veggies today or else they will probably die. so, i went. but, i made a very bad assumption. it must have gotten warmer, right? so i went without scarf and mittens. i was sure wrong! my poor ears and hands and neck…

when i got out to the garden, the professor and one of the TAs were picking all the proper size in-danger veggies, so i got a bunch of stuff.

(from left top… bell peppers, eggplant, grape tomatoes, green tomatoes, regular tomatoes; i also got corn, cubanelle peppers, and jalapenos)

i have an accounting exam tomorrow at 10am, so i’ll have to be sure that i’m entirely bundled. no more assumptions. (yes, thats right, an exam on a SATURDAY morning… blaaah!) at least it will be over soon!

on the knitting front, i have 14/40 completed bells. i also ran out of yarn. i’ll have to get some more tomorrow, since the bells all have to be done by the 17th. i’m also about 19in into my best friend’s scarf. (i ended up ordering some malabrigo… it’s really nice but… i’m not loving the colorway. hopefully she does!).

things around here have been generally not so great. can’t wait until the 13th when i can finally go home for christmas break!

P.S. thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my last post! ^^


knit unto others December 2, 2006

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today was a horrible, cold, gloomy, rainy, grey, wet day. since saturday is my shopping day, i was out in all of it, walking around, getting droplets on my glasses, being all around miserable. especially when i missed the bus and had to wait a half hour for the next one. i did manage to get a few christmas gifts (and some yarn to finish up a few others) while i was out, though, and i also happened to find these lovely knee socks at the gap. i know, i know, i could probably knit my own, but that doesn’t get me nice, long, warm socks now, does it? these even have stripe jogs down the back, haha.

you know, last year i would have given just about anything for a pantry to store my food in. this year i happen to find myself missing my bathtub. i don’t really take baths, but the tub is so helpful for washing feet (and for shaving!). my feet do not get lots of love around here. i’m trying to make it up to them with a nice washing, lotioning, and a pair of socks. do you think they’ll forgive me? (ah, and yes, i am wearing very bizarre attire… my jeans got all dirty and wet today, the guy shorts are what i could find to replace them ^^)

now, i know it’s been a week since i posted, but it has CERTAINLY not been because i haven’t been knitting. today is the last day of knit unto others and i am absolutely pleased as punch to announce that i have met or exceeded every charity goal that i set for myself. i have thirty items for the soaring eagles project and four for caps to the capital. that’s a total of 34 items! whoo! 22 of these were knit during the last two weeks (in the knit unto others time frame)! it’s exciting. so exciting, in fact, that i took some very silly pictures of myself wearing all my charity knits.

and now for pictures of the actual knitting! ^^

caps to the capital hats (4)
pattern: from the action kit
yarn: various acrylics
needles: size 8 & 10.5 straights
size: baby!
modifications: none
comments: infant hats! ^____^

soaring eagles hats (6)
pattern: besides the one mentioned last entry, the other five are from here
yarn: various acrylics
needles: size 15 straights
size: some small, some medium
modifications: none
comments: this hat (titled “the perfect hat”) IS truly great. take a super bulky yarn or two strands of bulky, or three of worsted, and in about an hour, you have a warm, wonderful hat. i liked making these hats… nearly instant knitting gratification and a great stash buster.

soaring eagles cuffs (24)
pattern: here
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 7 straights
size: small/medium wrists
modifications: none
comments: i love these things! i don’t think i would wear them, but they are really really cute. i hope the elementary schoolers like them!

and now, my friends, i must go off to write a persuasive essay about solutions to the wal-mart problem. wish me luck!


back to school already?! November 26, 2006

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i can hardly believe that it’s sunday afternoon already… the weekend has flown by (as i knew it would). thanksgiving was very good. we went to a close family friend’s home and had amazing food and played games and just had a good time. i really miss home, when i’m not here. this is where i grew up, where my family is, where my BF is, where my church family is. there is nothing in gainesville that can even begin to compare. i’m very thankful for what i have here.

before i go on to knitting news, a story for you. a few weeks ago, i was reading this entry on wee wonderfuls, which introduced me to tord boontje for target (if you haven’t been in a target since christmas season started, i would encourage you to… the decorations are gorgeous!). when i saw those garlands, i immediately thought of my mom, whose birthday is next week. i went to the target in gainesville, but they were sold out and i got the BF to check one here and it was sold out, too. i was pretty bummed, but already had a little gift for her, so i thought it would be ok. well, last night, we were coming home from thanksgiving leftovers and mom asked if i needed to go anywhere. i asked if we could go to target, so i could get the rest of her present. she said sure, she needed to look at something there anyway. do you know where this story is going yet? WE WERE LOOKING FOR THE SAME THING. i was foiled! BUT at least i can say that i know what she likes, right? i bought two of the garlands to give her, they just won’t be a surprise.

lots of knitting has been getting done around here, but there is plenty more to get accomplished before christmas! so much to do, so little time left!

first off, we have bunches of dishcloths, washed, wrapped, and ready to go. aren’t the gift tags adorable? they are freebies from natascha (in this entry). my grandma wanted me to make some cloths for her and some of her friends, so i did. ^^

christmas bell
pattern: (the second pattern)
yarn: lion brand chunky red
needles: size 9 straights
size: 2in at widest x 2.5in tall
modifications: this is my fifth prototype and the one i like best. it uses five stitches for the stockinette band and six stitches for the garter part (for a total of eleven). in my opinion, this looks more bell-like than the way the pattern called for.
comments: i made this as my prototype for the little christmas gift i’m making for the residents at a local nursing home that attend the church service my dad leads there. this means i have to make forty (FORTY!) more before december 17. i think i’m going to be very sick of bells before it’s all said and done. but the residents should like them and that’s what counts, right? (and no, our christmas tree isn’t up yet; i happened to find that small tree in mom’s sewing room)

i’m now at 18/20 cuffs for soaring eagles and i’ve got one hat to add, too.

kid’s hat
yarn: unmarked; probably lion brand babysoft color lavender (double stranded)
needles: size 10.5 straights
size: probably age 4-9 (that’s the pattern size i made, at least ^^)
modifications: none, i just didn’t add the pom-pom.
comments: i’m hoping i can get one more hat knit for them to send along with the cuffs, but we’ll see how it goes. i like this hat; it’s soft. ^^

for some reason, my bloglines has had an error for my site for the last week and a half. i have no idea why that might be, since there are only a few other blogger sites that have that error. any ideas on what to do?


meet jack! November 23, 2006

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this is jack. jack is my best friend’s little sister’s much loved teddy bear. jack has traveled all the way from texas (i’m in florida) to get some handknits for winter. see how cute his little overalls are? *pinches cheeks* you may be seeing a lot of jack for a little while (or not, depending on how super-secret i keep his project ^^). this picture is of jack emerging from his box… he can finally breathe again! her mom even sent me some spray to make my dorm bathroom smell better (for some reason, it always stinks! O_O).

lots of veggies in this week’s gardening class (kohlrabi, mustard greens, cubanelles, jalapenos, corn, etc.) but the pics are all kind of bad, so i’m not going to show them. dad cooked up the kohlrabi, which is a very bizarre looking veggie, and it was actually pretty ok. i thought it tasted like a mashed potato.

oh, i should probably mention that i’m finally at home for thanksgiving! there was an accounting test of doom last night, but now i get to be home until sunday. whoo! turkey & corn casserole & sweet potato souffle & rolls & pie, HERE I COME!

i’m at 15/20 on the cuffs for the soaring eagles project and i don’t want to show those off until i finish, but i CAN show off the cuffs i made for a friend’s birthday.

ballband cuffs
pattern: here
yarn: various cottons
needles: size 7 straights
size: small/medium wrist-size
modifications: nothing, really. i may have taken out a row at the end.
comments: whoo! these are so much fun! quick and easy, too!